Animals with Occupations Series

My 4 year old son is learning to read, he is recognizing letters and making their sounds. Alphabet books are a staple in our home. One night I was trying to sleep and this vision of a bison standing up in a tiny row boat appeared, then a billy goat made up in curls as a beautician… I’ve learned not to fight my imagination. I decided to run with it.

This series is the product of those visions (and my lifelong goal of writing a children’s book). TheĀ series, of mostly 8″ by 10″ linoleum carved blocks, depicts animals with real, human occupations. I set a few rules: animals must not wear clothes, their occupation must be shown by their actions. All the graphics are taken from actual photos of actual animals. They are all playful and fun. I’m especially tickledĀ if the job is technically impossible for the animal given their physical limitations.