October Art Challenge

In the month of October I challenged myself to create a new and original piece of art every single day. Yeah, it was hard, yes, I got tired. But not for long. Setting the size to 8 by 8 inches on either paper or canvas was a big help. I also rearranged my studio a bit to accommodate for multiple projects in varied stages of completion.

In the end I feel like I expanded my visual vocabulary and I can see some color, subject matter, and materials repeating in this body of work. It’s also pretty exciting to have a BODY of work to show. I also came to understand more what being a “professional artist” is about. It’s not just being creative and having talent. It’s showing up and working in the studio every day on your craft, even if you don’t want to, aren’t inspired, or are exhausted.

I tended to work on these after everyone went to bed, from around 9pm to 11pm. Which expanded my typical workday (of web consulting and teaching) from around 6-8 hours to 10-12. Sometimes I felt busy and rushed and needed naps. I work hard. I’ve pulled late nights on projects and assignments but I’ve never been so happy as when I’m creating art. I hope you enjoyed seeing them day by day. Thank you to those who offered thoughts, questions, and encouragement.

Seeing these day by day on a small screen is a different experience than in person. You don’t get to move and see things shine, you can’t see the layers and the line work. So, if you are in the Sacramento area please come out and see them in person during my Hand Crafted Holiday Gifts Pop Up Shop & Open Studio on December 10th, 2016 from 4pm to 8pm. It will be a relaxed and joyous affair with drinks, chatting, kids, some craziness, and the normal merriment guests have enjoy at our many house parties.


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