Tenacious Update: On TV, The Bowie Show, Back to School, Vanagon Shirts

I’M On TV!

Late last year I started consigning some cards and prints at Make / Do, a great boutique in Oak Park selling handmade goods. Lori, the shop owner had secured some media coverage on Good Day Sacramento and was looking to the artists she represents to do a live demo on the show. I nervously jumped on the opportunity. After some scheduling woes we set an early meeting. I arrived before dawn, set up my wares and demo materials and had a ton of fun talking about printmaking and my Tenacious Goods. Here’s the clip:

Bowie Tribute Show: Life on Mars

Just last night we ventured out (on a school night!) to the Blue Lamp music venue for a Bowie Tribute Art Show called Life on Mars presented by TUBE Magazine (the same folks who ran the craft show I did late last year). We arrived just 30 minutes after the venue opened but it got packed, fast. I was a little nervous about how well the show would be presented in a dark bar, but I was pleasantly surprised both with the turnout and the show itself. There were lots of great works by fellow artists and the vibe was happy and excited.

Guys. It’s a Tuesday night. #bowieshow #TUBEmag #bluelamp

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I did a lot of research into David Bowie and the Life on Mars song for my piece. I was assigned the twelfth line “As they ask her to focus on.” I planned to collage some imagery from the stories of Bowie’s life around the time of the song’s creation and song lyrics along with a relief print of his eyes (not being able to divorce myself from eyes symbolizing focus). I created a block from a still image taken from the video. Here is that block printed with watercolor “ink.”


I settled on a different collage of the block, printed in black, meshed together with some hand painted papers and sketches I had on hand. You can see it on the south wall of the Blue Lamp at the top right. It is for sale, framed, for $75. I also have color and black and white prints. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any for yourself.


Back To School: Collage & Assemblage

I’m excited to resume my “Art Fridays” project. I’m enjoying taking a Collage and Assemblage class at Sac City College this semester. I’m also back to teaching Web Design. We’ve started collaging from magazine imagery but were creating our own imagery for collage next week. For homework I’m working on a Arcimboldo-style portrait, not sure who the sitter will be just yet. It’s been fun to meet new people and I’ve been challenged to work larger scale — 18″ x 24″ for most assignments. Here is a reworking of Grant Wood’s American Gothic — the challenge was to cut the black and white reproduction into 50 pieces and reassemble it, being mindful of composition.

A little #collage fun in art class today. #art #TenaciousGoods #artfriday #americangothic #marriage #byhand

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Vanagon Shirts in the Shop

My print of the cult classic VW Vanagon got an excellent response when I posted it on social media (thanks guys:-) but I didn’t have any shirts to sell. I do now! I have four shirts in stock in various sizes and colors. I also printed it on a zipped hoodie for a friend; he dropped off his own shirt! If you are in Sacramento and would like me to print on some of your own clothes, table linens, or tote bags, please make arrangements with me. I’m happy to print on most anything you have for just $10 per item.


That’s all for now, friends. Thanks for reading. What block would you like to see next? My dad is pushing for an MG car, I might do a Volvo stationwagon…

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