Tenacious Update: Learning, Growing, Changing

Keep on Learning, Share What You Know

I’m enjoying a Collage and Assemblage class at Sac City College this semester – we have moved from flat paper collage to low relief. I’m working on a piece with a Scrabble game board as a background inspired by some playing cards with an Asian theme. Also in progress is a shadow box inspired by the Outlander series (which I’m hopelessly engrossed in – I’m on book 4!).


For those with more limited time resources I highly recommend lectures from Creative Mornings, TED, and Creative Bug.

I’ve donned my professor cap once again, teaching Beginning Creative Web Design at Sacramento City College. We are building 2 websites using WordPress! I’ve got a great crop of eager minds and so much to teach them that I fear I lecture a bit too much. If you are interested in learning more about making websites with WordPress please check out hhogan.com/class or reply to this email to get in touch with me.

Out and About Town

I’ve got a full docket of events and classes I’m attending this spring:

  • A workshop at Blue Line Arts on the Business of Art on March 12th, Blue Line Arts CEO, Julie Hirota, and Exhibitions Consultant, Tony Natsoulas are leading this workshop for emerging artists.
  • Nuno Felted Scarf class with my dearest mommy next week.
  • Helping out at a fundraiser for Yolo Arts at Preserve in Winters on March 19th.
  • Learning diy cyanotype (sun printing) with Linda Clark 0n April 16th.
  • Setting up my booth at the Franklin Library in Elk Grove for a Friends of the Library event on April 30th.

New Work

I’ve challenged myself to finish a set of ten 8 x 10 canvases that have been taunting me. I’ve got a few completed to share. I’m working to build a body of work for a gallery show (somewhere, someday soon I hope). Yeah, I’ve got a thing for bison right now 🙂



Becoming Real

I started this arts adventure in Mid November 2015 with the intention of making it a (profitable) business. Sometimes I look back and am proud and impressed with myself but often I’m frustrated that I don’t have the time or brainpower to do all that I want to do. I’ve been working hard on defining my artistic voice, identifying my unique perspective and value so that I can pinpoint who my audience is and what they want to invest in. It’s been hard to think so critically about work so close to my heart.

I have made a number of discoveries and decisions which are informing a website redesign. Stay tuned for its release very soon along with an overview of the work that goes on in the background to create a brand and web presence.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this newsletter and for your continued support. Have a great weekend!

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