Ring Through Art Installation for the First Festival


The melodious call of bells call us to unite and come together. Bells exist all over the world and convey vastly different meanings, from cow bells to dinner bells, wind chimes to church bells – the sound of a bell means something different to us all.  I’ll create a free-standing structure that people can walk into, around, and through which is covered with bells of all kinds, creating it’s own melodious soundscape.

DONATe Bells

I’m soliciting donations of metal bells and blessings from the public. Donors may inscribe a blessing on a small piece of provided fabric which I will tie to the bell’s clapper. I’ll attach the bells to the structure allowing the fabric blessings to dance on the wind ringing the bells to spread blessings. Please only donate metal bells as glass or ceramic may break.

Please drop off donations of metal bells of any type and size to the following locations:

  • Sierra 2 Center office: 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818
  • Leonardo da Vinci School: 4701 Joaquin Way Sacramento, CA 95822
  • More to come…

Help with construction funds please! I estimate I’ll need around $150 to construct this baby. Please consider a financial donation to offset my costs. Sadly there is no stipend for supplies or my time so I could use your help.


The piece will be constructed from 1-inch PVC pipes and connectors. Two “walls” measuring 6 feet long by 10 feet high will attach at the top with zip ties and be secured into the ground at the bottom to create a tented triangle shape large enough for a person to walk through. A safety chain will be secured at the top to keep the tent from collapsing. Bells will be secured to the structure with wire and will hang freely between the horizontal supports. I will spray paint the PVC prior to assembly.

The Event

First Festival was founded early 2015 with a mission to bring Sacramento together through music, food, art, vendors, craft beer, and community. This year’s event will take place MAY 6-7, 2017 at the RIVERWALK PARK on 651 2ND STREET in WEST SACRAMENTO from 11:30AM – 10:00PM.